Aamir Khan In Troubles with Netflix

Osho is a great inspiring and spiritual personality for a lot of people. His life has been brought out as a documentary with the title The Wild Country on Netflix. It has become a big hit and Netflix made plans to bring his life as a web series now. After knowing about the plan, Bollywood top actor Aamir Khan immediately approached them and convinced them that he would be a part of the project.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Netflix initially expressed happiness but after coming on board, Aamir made a lot of changes to the locked script and insisted that they rope in Alia Bhatt for an important role in the series. Aamir even requested the funding people to recreate Osho’s Ashram in a lavish manner so that it can be given a real look.

Now, Netflix is said to be showing no interest to all of this citing that they can not spend more than a specified amount on the project. These budget issues are irking Aamir as well and there is no clarity on what might happen in the end.

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