Aamir Khan frightened me – Anushka!

Aamir Khan and Anushka in PK

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan who is known to be a top hero in North India worked with Anushka Sharma for the film “PK”. This venture is now stated to be a top level one in Bollywood. As per the talk, Amir Khan is stated to have frightened Anushka during the film shooting.

It seems that Aamir looks serious on sets and Anushka would try to be free with him. As Amir was serious and is a bit reserved, Anushka used to be a bit frightened to speak to Amir. Anushka mentioned that Amir Khan understood the situation and took the initiative to speak to her.

It seems that, they turned out to be the best friends in the course of time and by the time the shooting got completed, they turned out to be the closest buddies. “PK” is set to entertain audience to the peak. Stay tuned!

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