Aamir Khan ate 10000 Paans while shooting for P.K

Aamir Khan 10000 Paan in PK

Aamir Khan and his P.K avatar is making news for every minutest detail possible, but then there are also some really interesting news pieces, that makes us gape. Aamir Khan during the course of shooting P.K. used to have Paan, which was essential for his character. And the kind of perfection Aamir Khan tries to bring to his characters is something we all are aware of.

Mr. Perfectionist lost count of the number of Paans he chewed while filming P.K. For every shot and every retake there used to be a fresh paan offered to him. And before every take he was suppose to chew 10-15 paans, in order to get the right tone of color on his lips and inside his mouth.

And hence, Aamir might have consumed over 10000 Paans for P.K. There was also a Paan shop set up for the sole purpose of making Paans for Aamir and the Paanwala started making special paans for the Khan, we hear.

Well! Well! Does that Paan-chewing alien P.K has a Paan song in the film too? After Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan and others, we wouldn’t mind an iconic Paan song featuring Aamir!

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