Aamir has gone mad…

If it’s an Aamir Khan event, it has to be different! And so it was when Aamir came to Delhi to promote his latest venture Peepli Live.

The film, produced by Aamir, will be released on August 13 with an ‘A’ certificate. Aamir remarked that Peepli Live was not for kids and was okay with the adult certification.

Asked what prompted him to produce a film on the issue of farmers’ suicides, Aamir said, This is only a small part of the movie. It talks about the migration problem and the divide between urban and rural India. It is a satirical film and based on some real events. Asked why he chose a satire to tell his story, he replied, Reality could be funny, it depends on all of us and what we choose to do."

The movie revolves around the character Natha, a farmer, who decides to commit suicide. According to Aamir and writer-director Anusha Rizvi, Natha could be anyone. They reiterate that it goes beyond poverty. "We always tend to look at their poverty and forget they are people too. This is a story of a poor man and his personal life." Asked what changes the movie will bring, Aamir and Anusha replied, "Koi revolution nahi aayega but hopefully this movie will engage a larger audience."

In a promo for Peepli Live, a character in the film (Journalist) takes a dig at Aamir, saying, Aamir Pagal ho gaya hai roz roz Lagaan nahi bante (Aamir has gone mad, you can’t make a film like Lagaan everyday). When asked about it, Aamir said, “ Maine socha mujh par bahot mazaak already ho raha hai, toh thoda aur hona chahiye,”

Aamir made light of the comment that he was not following SRK on Twitter. He says, I just joined Twitter and will follow lots of people in future. When pressed further, he replied, there’s no issue and I would love to follow Shah Rukh. Aamir Khan was at his humorous best at this press conference and when a reporter walked a few steps before him, asking her question, the actor said, The pace at which you are moving, you will end up sitting in my lap.

He even conveyed his best wishes to Big B for Kaun Banega Crorepati and said four generations in his family used to watch the programme together when it aired.

When a Journalist asked Aamir to comment on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s recent wedding, the actor laughed and said, That means the last question has come. He praised Dhoni and wished him a happy married life. After being told that it was Dhoni’s birthday, he even sang a "Happy Birthday" for him.


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