Aamir not in Endhiran 2!

Crazy rumours start quite easily or so it would seem, because this one struck the gossip columns like a bolt out of the blue recently – that Aamir Khan would be acting in Endhiran 2.


This ‘news’ piece, of course, took a life of its own after that and went on to become more specific, now claiming that Aamir would be playing the baddie in the mega flick.

Details emerged about how Shankar had approached the actor and how they were in talks about him coming on board for the project. The fans were thrilled, to put it mildly.

Who wouldn’t be? This would be the meeting of two of the most top grossing box office stars in the industry and from a different perspective, the meeting of two worlds, in a manner of speaking. It wasn’t too big of a stretch considering the respect Rajini and Aamir had for each other and the humongous budget of the flick in question, reportedly around Rs 250 crores!

But now, after the whole thing became a topic of excited discussion among the fans and was in the process of spreading even more through the social media, certain sources close to Aamir have decided to speak up.

And they have vehemently denied the news and stated out right that the whole thing is entirely baseless and none of these things even happened!

The fans are understandably shattered to learn the truth but the hope still lingers given the so far mysterious and tightly sealed details regarding the proposed Endhiran sequel.

What surprises should we prepare ourselves for given Shankar’s innovation, the sheer scope of the project and the huge success of the first movie – both domestically and internationally?

Shankar has always been a dreamer and Rajini is known for delivering the goods, so to speak.

So anything’s possible in showbiz folks.. Let’s wait and see.

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