Aamir challenged Salman Khan to remove his pants!!

Bollywood big shot hero Amir Khan challenged Salman Khan to remove his pants. As a part of the promotional activities to “PK”, Amir Khan came out with a nude poster. This poster created sensation all over Bollywood and several big shot Khans responded to this poster saying their opinion.


Now, Amir Khan is trying to exude more popularity by involving the silent people in the industry. He choose Salman Khan for this aspect. He stated that Salman Khan was wearing his cap in “Bigg Boss” show soon after seeing Amir’s cap style in “Dhoom 3”. On the same note, he challenged Salman Khan to do the same act he did for “PK”.

“Salman is wearing ‘Dhoom 3’ style cap for ‘Bigg Boss’. I want to test his friendship. Can he remove his pants just like the way he removed his shirt?” is the challenge from Amir Khan. If Salman does that, it will be a big sensational promotion to “PK”. Lets see how Salman Khan shoots back!

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