Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

What it’s all about?


The film Aakasamantha is all about a father who loves his daughter very much and the gentle struggle and turmoil he faces when his daughter grows up and wants to lead a life of her own.

The plot:


Abhi (Trisha) is the only daughter of Prakash Raj and Aishwarya. Prakash Raj loves his daughter more than anything else in this world. For him, his daughter is the universe. He even agrees to bring home a beggar and give him shelter in his house for the sake of his daughter. Abhi also loves her father immensely and life is one smooth ride.


Prakash Raj is so possessive about his daughter that he cannot bear the though of sending her to school as he cannot bear to live even for a few hours without her.

When Abhi gets a seat in MBA in Delhi, Prakash Raj rejects it out rightly. He wants her to study in some nearby college. He finally agrees but only very reluctantly.


When Abhi comes back after completing her MBA, the doting father is thrilled immensely. But Abhi gives him a shock of his life when she tells him that she is in love and wants to marry her boyfriend.


Abhi’s lover Jogi (Ganesh) comes to meet her parents. Prakash Raj is simply shocked (to put it very mildly) as the boy is a Punjabi (sardarji). Prakash Raj is terribly is upset and is not ready to give the hand of his daughter in marriage to him.


The rest of the story is how he finally reconciles himself to the decision of his daughter and agrees to the marriage.


The actors:


The story of the film is tailor made for Prakash Raj. He fits the role to perfection. He gives a wonderful performance and one cannot imagine any other actor in his role in the film.


Trisha gives an equally good performance. She is cute, vulnerable, confident and also very practical and down to earth person. Aishwarya as Trisha’s mother and Prakash Raj’s wife fits into her role well. Ganesh is okay and so is the rest of the star cast.


Jagapathi Babu has noting much to do except to listen to Prakash Raj recollecting his sweet memories of his daughter from the day she was born till she gets married and goes way.


Best Scene:


The best scene in the film is when Prakash Raj, Aishwarya and Abhi take the beggar Ravi Shastri to a party at a star hotel. Ravi Shastri is visibly moved and he tells them that Abh is his ‘Mother’.

The bottom line:


The music is good and the storyline touches your heart. The film runs at a decent pace in the first half but begins to drag in the second half, particularly before the climax.


The film is only about a doting father and his lovable daughter and nothing else. There is no hero, no duets, no action and no fights. As such, the film will appeal only to the urban audience and to the family audiences. For all fathers who have daughters and love them immensely, the film is a must watch.

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