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Vani Kapoor is initially with the idea to start up a wedding planner firm. Nani joins her and tries to convince her to make him her partner but she refuses. Vani Kapoor, first to gain experience before starting her own business, goes to join Simran, who is a well-established and a popular wedding planner. Simran rejects Vani Kapoor but Nani manages to get jobs for both of them. Soon they find Simran is not fair – cheats her clients and blames her workers.  Then Nani and Vani Kapoor decide, it is time to become partners and start up a wedding planning business on their own. Both work together and they succeed and make a very good name. After the initial success they want to expand further doing much grandeur weddings with very bigger budgets.

Wedding Planning Business goes on very smooth as long as they remain friends without any emotional attachments. Problems start the moment they mix romance and business. The relationship between the two also gets complex.  The rest of the story is all about how they sort out their differences and become one.

Aaha Kalyanam, will be very good start for Debut Director A. Gokul Krishna, and he has done a very decent work. All the scenes are convincing and emotions worked out very well. Story moves fast in the first half compared to the pace in the second half.  The lip kiss scene in the first half is bit daring for the Telugu audience, it is first time for me to see a passionate lip kiss on screen with so much detail in a Telugu film.

Nani’s performance is excellent; he did his role very well, he worked out the nuances and understood the psychology of a typical wedding planner completely.  Nani’s timing in dialogue delivery is  also perfect.

Vani Kapoor, looks very gorgeous and beautiful in the film.  She acted very well and her dancing skills are also very good. She performed naturally with ease.

Simran, though brief, did justice to her character, suited the role well as an established but fraudulent wedding planner.

Loganathan Srinivasan’s cinematography is an added asset to the film. The color schemes are good and well maintained throughout the film.

Dharan Kumar‘s music direction  with the background scores are good,  chorus syncs well with the scenes and it enhances the emotions.

We see floral decorations, designs, vivid colors, celebration atmosphere all through, and art department has done a very nice work in creating the wedding atmosphere. Through out the film we feel we have attended many weddings and that we will also be anticipating hero and heroine’s wedding.

Aaha Kalyanam is a humorous, romantic and pleasant film to watch.




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