Aagadu got 4 Crores more than One!

Prince Mahesh Babu has two disasters in this year. As per the latest report, “Aagadu” is stated to have ended up at 34 Crores in the final run. This is 4 Crores more than the “One” collections, which is stated to be at 30 Crores.

Aagadu Collections More Than One

Almost 60 Crores has been invested on “One” and around 45 Crores was invested on “Aagadu”. The production house got the required profits in the form of distribution rights and the distributors who bagged the flick pouring huge amounts, lost their money due to poor collections.

Talk raised in the media that Mahesh Babu gave back a part of his remuneration to support the distributors. Another buzz too raised in media that a distributor from Nellore attempted suicide due to 1 Crore loss. Hope, Mahesh’s upcoming venture pushes these distributors into profits zone.

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