Aagadu effect on Gabbar Singh 2

Looks like the heavy budget of “Aagadu” is disturbing several other flicks in Tollywood. Now, “Gabbar Singh 2”, which is stated to be another top rated flick in Tollywood is facing “Aagadu” effect. It seems that the film makers kept 60 Crores budget limit for this venture.

Aagadu and Gabbar Singh 2

It is known that the “Aagadu” issue raised heavy at the box office and the distributors demanded the film unit to pay the loss amount. To avoid this sort of situations, “Gabbar Singh 2” film producers might have taken the decision of putting a cap on the budget.

Finally, “Aagadu” started showing its effect on all the top rated ventures in Tollywood. “Gabbar Singh 2” film makers too were now taking care of the future and are controlling the budget flow in the present.

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