Aa Okkadu

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

What’s it about!

Pavithra (Madhurima) is a criminal psychologist who helps the Police in investigation and she lives with her father (Vijay Chander), a retired magistrate, and her sister’s daughter. She fights for the custody of her diseased sister’s daughter with her bava who eventually is murdered by a person who is suffering from Borderline personality disorder. But police suspect her in the murder and as she is trying to solve this case, a swamiji is also murdered and she becomes the prime suspect in this case too. On other hand, there is Criminal lawyer Sri Krishna (Suresh Gopi) who is close to this Swamiji and his close associate Ungarala Bujji. What role Bujji and Sri Krishna have to play in Pavithra’s life forms the rest of the story.


Ajay who played negative roles in several films does a lead role in Aa Okkadu. The film is also debut production of Tolly2Holly which is a major distribution firm in USA for Telugu films. That created curiosity! Aa Okkadu is a thriller with a twist in the climax. Last 15 minutes of the movie is interesting and the film completely relies on the strength of those penultimate minutes but it lacks the punch to turn out to be a good thriller, thereby ending as an okay movie. Debutant heroine Madhurima’s glamour with her cute face and good expressions, basic plotline and last 15 minutes are the movie’s strength. The pace of the movie is also slow in the beginning and on the overall it is lengthy for a thriller. Narrating in a regular mass commercial film format is big blunder.


Newcomer Madhurima is beautiful. She scores among all the actors. In fact, she is the strength of the movie. As a debutant, she also impresses with her honest performance. Ajay in lead role has nothing much to do but he has pulled it off. Malayalam superstar Suresh Gopi’s role is not etched properly. Any other actor could have played the role. Sunil and other comedians have tried to evoke laughter but they are not that effective. The young guy who does the role of a patient of Borderline personality disorder has done good job.

New director N S Murthy has taken good plotline but he should have taken care on screenplay. In the first half, nothing happens. Only in the second half it sustains audience’s interest. Murthy’s handling of the direction is neat. Camera by Kamalakar is okay. Music director Manisharma comes up with somewhat good music compared to his recent work. Tolly2Holly’s production values are good.


Aa Okkadu is a suspense thriller with a twist in the climax but the movie is just an okay one. Last 15 minutes are its strength.

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