‘A Wednesday’ – a must watch!

Rating: 4.00/5

Critic Rating: (4.00/5)

The Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah starrer ‘A Wednesday’, which released all over this Friday, can be touted as the most influential film in Bollywood this year, in terms of the powerful content supported by some extremely outstanding performances.

No guesses there that the theme of the masterpiece is based on a serious issue that has been a constant worry for our leaders- terrorism, but what it really talks more about is the plight and power of the common man. ‘A Wednesday’ belongs to the same genre as of ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan, which became a hit releasing last Friday. But providing a new angle to the dilemma of ‘aam aadmi’, this one gives a reason to one and all to live with the story, and relate to the characters and situation, all the more.

Directed by the debutante Neeraj Pandey, ‘A Wednesday’ works like a fire because of its engrossing plotline, and incredibly encouraging storytelling. The journey of the film, right from start to end, keeps you on tenterhooks. And the climax is what takes this film to a trembling level.

The film tells the story of some unrecorded events that unfold between 2 pm to 6 pm on a Wednesday in Mumbai. The plot kicks off when a Mumbai Police Commissioner, Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher) gets a call demanding the release of 4 most wanted militants in return of the information of bombs that the blackmailer has already planted in one of the most populated areas of the city. At first, Prakash suspects it to be a crank call, but his doubts are dismissed when he actually finds a bomb planted in the police station right opposite his police headquarters.

‘A Wednesday’ goes on to highlight the commissioner’s hard and desperate attempts to hunt down the caller with the help of his best men played by Aamir Bashir and Jimmy Shergill. He even hires a young hacker to help his team trace the calls and also the location of the anonymous caller. There are no concrete results even as the time passes and eventually Prakash decides to free the militants and hand them over to the anonymous caller. Thereafter, the events take a peculiar twist.

The story becomes more gripping as soon as the identity of the caller (Naseeruddin Shah) is disclosed. The film puts forward to you numerous twists, tough challenges- one after the other- in those 1.30 hours. Sans the songs and unwanted masala, the film is a serious story to tell and it tells it most effectively.

No amount of praise would be enough for each of the actors in the film for their performance. Naseeruddin Shah reinforces the fact that he is one of the finest actors in Bollywood. His outbreak in the end—when he talks about the plight of the common man—is dynamic.

Anupam Kher is so equally vibrant in his character that while watching him perform, you begin to feel that there could be none other than him who could carry the humungous responsibility this well.

On the whole, ‘A Wednesday’ is serious cinema at its best. It may not be a commercial entertainer to enthrall the audiences and manage to rule at the Box Office for weeks and months, but it is sure a must watch for all serious and true cinema lovers.

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