A Teenager Abused Sushmita Sen Sexually

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen acted in Telugu film Rakshakudu with Nagarjuna Akkineni. The actress recently opened up about the sexual harassment that she faced. She recently participated in make your city safe program and opened up about an incident that took place 6 months back.

Sushmita Sen Abused By a Teenager
Sushmita Sen Abused By a Teenager

“While participating in an award events function, a 15 years guy has misbehaved with me. As the place is very crowded, he felt that no one will recognize him. But I caught him from the back. I was shocked seeing him. He is a kid. I took him to a side and told him the consequences of him being caught. He was initially hesitant to accept his mistake but later he apologized to me. He also assured me that he won’t be doing this again in the future. I spared him out considering his future. Usually, we should not leave the people like him.” she said.

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