A love story with typical turns on the lines of Godavari.

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Director Vamsi, who gave big hits like Sitara, Anveshana, Manchu Pallaki, Ladies’ Tailor and Avunu Valliddaru Ishtapaddaru, is almost running into bad time with successive failures like Donga Ramudu and Party, Koncham Touchlo Vunte Chebutanu and Anumanaspadam at the Box Office.

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In order to regain his past glory, Vamsi has brought out another film silently with not so famous actors, again with his favourite Godavari and the boats in the backdrop. The entire film shooting was done in a low profile. The movement of the film is exactly in Vamsi’s style and the film is good to watch but the slow running of the flick may not suit the taste of the present generation audiences.

Gopika (Kamalini) is a doctor. She runs a floating hospital on river Godavari. The boat tours the entire coast of the river and serves the patients. The running of the hospital is being taken care of and funded by an NGO. One Shyam (Kalyan), who has completed his MS in the US learns about the hospital and reaches India to run a similar service near Srisailam. Shyam loses his heart at first sight to Gopika. But the latter refuses his marriage proposal.

Their plans to meet each other fail due to some circumstances. Gopika’s mother (Jayalalitha) who believed that Gopika is talking to Shyam till then learns that it was not Shyam but Gopi. She wants to see Gopi. Unfortunately, Gopi, who was coming to meet Gopika, loses his memory after being attacked by some goons. Gopika saves him and treats him not knowing that he is Gopi and she names him Prabhu. Does Gopi regains memory? Who does Gopika marries at the end? Watch out!


The director’s vast experience, seniority is clearly visible on the screen in this film. He ran the story with utmost precision, with lots of twists. There are many scenes where the audiences sit on the edge of the seat, biting their nails, as to what would happen at that moment. The director’s ability throws a surprise at every moment as the expectations of the audiences keep going wrong at such typical scenes. Kamalini has no big role to play as a doctor and has failed to impress the audiences. Venu is in his usual style.


Though the director ran the story well with different twists and turns, he ignored some characters like the hero’s buddies who appeared on the screen for a major time in the first half. The entire group was totally ignored in the second half. Music by Chakri is average and most of the songs had no novel tunes but reminded the old songs of Vamsi’s films. Dialogues by Padala Siva Subrahmanyam are too lenghty at times.


Those who go to the theatre with a view to watch a film from a director like Vamsi would definitely satisfy with the film. Those who go to watch it for entertainment also will feel good to a certain extent. However, the lengthy dialogues, same old locations, similar sets all through the film would result in boredom to the audiences. As a whole, the film could be watched once because it is from a good director like Vamsi. However, it may not help either Kamalini or Venu to get a break in films.

Producer: Valluripalli Ramesh
Banner: Maharshi Cinema
Screenplay and direction: Vamsi.
Cast: Venu Thottempudi, Kamalini Mukherjee, Pradeep Shakti, Krishna Bhagawan, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Jeeva, Kalyan, Pilla Prasad, Jayalalitha, Geetanjali, Sana
Dialogues: Padala Siva Subrahmanyam
Music: Chakri
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry
Cinematography: Loki B Goud
Editing: Baswa Paidireddy
Presents: Anandi Arts

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