A Lady misbehaves with Katrina Kaif in Vancouver

Bollywood glam doll Katrina Kaif had to face a bad situation recently. Katrina Kaif is currently at Vancouver, as a part of Dabaang Reloaded tour. Katrina Kaif was about to reach the dais in an event there, while the fans got overexcited.

Katrina Kaif Vancouver
Katrina Kaif Vancouver

Katrina Kaif had agreed to give poses to selfies by some of the fans there. As the crowd was huge, Katrina lost her patience. “You see I am busy and tired. Please understand that I have a lot of other things to do”, Katrina told to the crowd. A lady slammed Katrina Kaif and asked her to behave. The lady lost her temper and told, “Is this the way you behave with your fans? Please don’t show attitude”.

Shocked by the lady’s response, Katrina got into a verbal fight too. The lady bashed Katrina saying that they had come to meet Salman Khan, not Katrina. This made Katrina embarrassed.

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