A heroine’s commendable contribution to a short film

These are the days where some actresses are trying to cash in everything they do. Be it a shop opening, or doing a cameo, or acting in an ad film they demand money. But there a heroine who didn’t charge anything for a message oriented short film.

Dhanshika in Sinam
Dhanshika in Sinam

National award winning director Anand Murthi who became internationally famous with the movie Maveeran Dileepan is now working for a short film called Sinam. This movie deals with the real life stories of Mumbai sex workers. The story is all about a sex worker who meets a short film director and asks her to make her sex life as a short film. Bollywood actress Patiya acted as the short film director but for the role of a sex worker, the director wanted a Tamil girl who can speak Tamil fluently and has a knowledge of social problems. They have zeroed Tamil actress Dhanshika as she is the perfect fit as a sex worker. Amazingly, Tanishka did with perfection and charged no money for her role. She even refused the small amount offered by the director.

Now she has become an example of doing social service being in the cinema. G V Prakash has given music for this short film. Director Anand Murthi pledged that he will make this movie as a feature film in the future.

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