A film with only females

It has never happened in Tollywood or rather in any film industry that a film is completely made by the women, for the women and of the women. Yes you have heard it right; we are soon going to see a Tollywood movie which is made with only and only the female cast and crew.

Dr Haima Reddy is a director of this female oriented movie that has all the cast and crew members as women, may it be a photographer, music director, singer and even the technicians team. Apart from the direction Dr Haima Reddy is also producing this film on SKR Films banner. She has earlier worked under director K.Balachandar and she also did digital film making course in Australia.

Vijaya Sri is expected to be the Director of Photography; well known playback singer Kausalya is turning the Music Director with this movie and Hissar, Supriya & Kuldeep playing the lead roles in the movie.

According to the information released, the female team is going to start the shooting next month beginning.

Hope this movie will be seen by men also!!

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