A biopic on Roja?

Actress turned firebrand politician, current YSRCP Nagari constituency MLA, Roja, has been an attractive person both on screen and off screen. As per sources, plans are underway to bring her life on screen.

Biopic on Roja
Biopic on Roja

Roja has been lauded as a top actress in Telugu and Tamil film industries during her hey days. She acted with all the top actors of the south cinema. While continuing to act, she married Tamil director RK Selvamani and later entered politics. Raja rose to peak position in the political arena in no time using her uncontrollable mouth as a major weapon.

Even though her filmy career has been successful, her political stint has been much controversial. It has to be seen how much of truth would Roja let grace silver screen. We think Drama Queen might be a suitable title.

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