A Aa E Ee Movie Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

What it’s all about?

Director Sreenivas Reddy is known for his rib-tickling entertainers. He is also known to come up with innovative titles for all his films. This time too he comes up with an innovative title ‘A Aa E Ee’. The full form is Athanu Aame Intalo Eeme.

The Plot:

Srikanth and Meera Jasmine is a happily married couple. They however have a big vacuum in their lives. They do not have any children. Meera becomes pregnant but along with the good news the doctor brings some bad news as well. Meera is suffering form a heart problem and needs to undergo surgery.

An amount of eight lakhs are needed for the operation. Srikanth who works as a car driver is dumbstruck. There is no way he can raise such a big amount. Just when he has given up hope, Srikanth finds a bag containing 10 lakhs near the railway tracks. A woman has been run over by a train and the bag could belong to her.

Srikanth wants to handover the money to the cops. His friend who is a lawyer (Krishna Bhagwan) advises Srikanth to claim that the dead women as his wife and take the 10 lakhs. Srikanth does it very reluctantly as he needs the money for the operation.

To Srikanth’s shock and surprise the dead woman comes back and accepts Srikanth as her husband. Meera who is unaware about her heart problem is shocked to learn that her husband has cheated on her.

It is now up to Srikanth to solve the murder mystery and unravel the motive behind everything.

The Actors:

Srikanth plays out his part with ease. He is good as a loving and caring husband who is caught between two women. Meera Jasmine has put on a lot of weight but she still retains the innocent looks and her trademark charming smile. Sada is used mainly to fill the glamour slot and she is okay.

Among all the comedians it is only Ali who manages to raise some laughter. The comedy between Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarala is crude and vulgar. Sunil and MS Narayana fail to tickle the funny bone. Sunil falls flat as James Bond 000. Tanikella Bharani and Telangana Shkunthala and Kalpana do justice to their roels. The music is average and so is the story and screenplay.

The bottom line:

A Aa E Ee is not in the same class as Sreenivas Reddy’s earlier films and the weak and generally crude comedy are actually a put off. The film is more like a suspense and murder thriller and the attempt at comedy actually hinders the pace of the movie. It is definitely not a paisa vasool film.

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