7th Day Producer accuses Mammootty?!

The allegations of Shibu G Suseelan, the producer of 7th Day starring Prithviraj, had become public yesterday – apparently he blames a ‘Superstar’ of trying to ruin the prospects of his movie even before it came out, by blocking it from getting satellite rights and attempting to prevent the flick from releasing. Now there are unconfirmed rumors that the ‘Superstar’ he blames is none other than megastar Mammootty!!


Now, these allegations have not been confirmed officially or declared in the mainstream media yet, as supposedly the producer gave these statements to an online media entity.

But if these are true, the news would rock Malayalam cinema at its core! Mammootty is a legend and one of the most loved actors at the regional and national level, for his amazing talent and his straightforward persona.

Is the megastar really capable of what the outraged producer is accusing him of or is this whole allegation just something spewed out by the rumor mill?
The reasons, the producer claims, which made Mammootty try to ruin the Prithviraj starrer are as follows:

The Mammootty – Aashiq Abu mega flick Gangster was the only major competition in the theatres when 7th Day was coming out and this perhaps forced Mammootty to try other ways to get rid of the added pressure at the box office. Questionable? Maybe…

Mammootty has always fostered some anger towards Prithviraj because the young star’s father, Sukumaran, was one of the few who used to ‘disrespect’ Mammootty by not getting up from his seat when he entered an event and such. Too much of a stretch? We really do not know at this point.

The 7th Day producer Shibu, however, says he was drowning in debt when the megastar successfully blocked his movie from getting satellite rights, through underhanded means and using his vast influence. It seems the television channels that came forward initially backed out later and when contacted by Prithviraj, they demanded video rights to the movie too, thus forcing the film makers to back off.

So 7th Day, which though went on to become a hit, released without satellite rights of it sold to any channel.

Now, we reiterate, neither the allegations nor the truth behind them have been confirmed. But as these rumors are out there, the fans wait eagerly and stunned for either party to respond to the media and give the public some answers.

Does Mollywood, which is going through so much drama these days and has become a battlefield of sorts, need another controversy right now? Especially one of such magnitude?

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