7 Khoon maaf review

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The film is based on a short story by Ruskin Bond and inspired from an Italian movie “Sette Volte Donna Aka Woman Times Seven(1967). The film is about a beautiful young girl Susanna (Priynka Chopra) who ends up tying the knot seven times because of mysterious death of her husband’s. This is the best performance till the date by Priyanka. This is the tough story to pull off and despite the voluminous talent on display.

Priyanka’s character age goes 20 years to 65 in the film. Smart looking guys are Priynka’s weakness. Susanna has a bouquet of truthful servants, a butler and Maggie Aunty, who are also her partners in crime. The first story has Neil playing the role of Major Edwin Rodrigues. He is one legged, egotistical, jealous and doubting. He is her first sufferer person. Post-Edwin’s death, Susanna marries Jimmy, which the role played by John, as she is floored by his good looks and musical aptitude. She, however, doesn’t have any design what’s in store for her. Achievement enters his life due to music ensuing in girls and drugs. But Jimmy also dies and then enters poet Wasiullah Khan a.k.a. Musafir played by Irrfan. Impressed by his poetry, Susanna marries him too. Although during the day he is gentle, as the dark dawns upon, he becomes monster. Next in line up is Susanna falling for Nicolai Vronsky, played by Russian actor Aleksandr Dyachenko, from Moscow but this marriage doesn’t last long as Susanna discovers him having a wife in Russia and ultimately Vronsky dies too. The death of Susanna’s previous husbands, the police start taking keen interest in the case. So police officer Keemat Lal [Annu Kapoor] enters Susanna’s life. He not only asks sexual favors from her but also persuades her to marry him. He dies with Cardiac arrest. After the death of Keemat, Susanna is fascinated to Dr. Modhusudon Tarafdar [Naseeruddin Shah] as the story is going on she is now suffering from sad and her husband Naseer puts her on mushroom only diet. He is the first guy in the story who thinks of murdering her but in turn gets murdered. The seventh husband is played by Vivaan, who knows that Susanna is behind those murders and the rest forms the root of the story.

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