7 Best Bollywood Sequences on Trains!

Bollywood and Trains, they have an unbreakable bond that has always been unflinching. We all know how much Indian Railways has contributed to Bollywood films. Had Railways not been there, Raj would never get Simran, we would have never seen Shah Rukh do Chaiyya Chaiyya, Naina and Bunny wouldn’t have sparked off well nor would Kaka have sung Mere Sapno ki Rani for our gorgeous Sharmila Tagore.

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This series of vehicles has not only connected the country well, but has also connected Bollywood’s tales to all. Here we bring to you the best Train Sequences that have been one of the most crucial scenes in the film.

1.Aradhana- Mere Sapno Ki Rani:


This has been timeless and the most beautiful song to be filmed. Though we know the shots have been taken separately and what we see on screen is just an editing technique put to use, but still we love how realistic it looks and the way Rajesh Khanna woos Sharmila Tagore.

2.Ghulam- Aamir Khan’s race:


This scene is bound to give you an adrenaline rush. The race and then the slight margin by which Aamir escapes the train from hitting him, this will leave you numb for a few seconds.

3.The Burning Train:


Now this is an all and out film based on train, and it will not be wrong to say that the protagonist of the film is the train itself. It was named Burning Train, after the train was burning, you silly! So yea, technically the train and the sequences filmed on the train are quite important.

4.Dil Se- Chaiyya Chaiyya:


Need some dance lessons? Oh! Correction! Need some dance lessons while on a moving train? Watch Dil Se. Not only SRK teaches you some killer moves, but the scene right before they board the train, with SRK and his on-screen ladylove, Manisha Koirala is very important one too.

5.Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengey- Simran and Raj:


This is the Epic scene and none can ever forget this one. Raj spreading his arms, Simran runs and takes in and goes on board. The ultimate scene was the cherry to the cake. The movie would have surely been incomplete had Aditya Chopra not included the Train Scene in DDLJ.

6.Jab We Met- Geet:


By God! Geet never missed any train. And we loved it so much when she missed it. Though there are many scenes with the Train in the equation in Jab We Met, but my personal favie is the on, where Geet boards the train and starts conversing with highly depressed Aditya!

7.Veer Zara- Parting Scene:


Shot very beautifully, this one will surely touch your heart. The way Veer and Zara part certainly make the Train Setting a crucial one. There are too many emotions and unspoken promises in this particular scene.

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Not that we forgot the others, but the ones stated above stand out in certain ways from the rest of the sequences, that our very own Indian Railways has inherently given to Bollywood

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