50 per cent cut in Salman’s fee

Salman Khan is now talking business with Sony TV; he is set to host the second season of Dus Ka Dum. But this time he will not be as involved with the show as he was last year. A source said, "This is a result of the huge pay cut that has happened this season. It is believed that Salman was paid Rs 89 crore in the first season, but in the second season he will be paid only Rs 44 crore.


And with the pay cut, Salman has also cut down on his involvement. He has refused to use his clout with his star friends and colleagues to get them on the show." A source close to the actor said, "Salman recently had a meeting with the programming heads. He made it very clear that he would no longer be responsible for inviting his friends and celebs as guests on the show. He will do his job of hosting and that will be about it."

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