5 Reasons To Watch Rajini’s Kabali

Rajinikanth’s Kabali is all set to release on July 22 worldwide. Only one day to go and that Kabali fever has caught on like crazy. It’s releasing in 5000+ screens worldwide in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. For the first time, an Indian movie will have a Malay version. That will release in Malaysia on July 29. The movie stars Radhika Apte, Dhansika, and Winston Chao. We can give you five reasons why should watch Kabali.

Kabali Movie
Kabali Movie

1) Thalaivar Movie:

The foremost reason and the biggest reason is it’s a Rajinikanth movie! The fan frenzy around Rajinikanth has to be seen to be believed. He’s like a God and we aren’t exaggerating. And now that he’s coming to the big screen after a gap, the excitement is even more. When it comes to a Rajinikanth movie, nobody needs convincing about the story!

2) Less is More

After extended trailers of his previous movies, it’s a surprise that Kabali began and ended with a teaser. We have a glimpse of Rajinikanth aka Kabali and left wanting for more. So the curiosity around the movie is even bigger. The mystery element is maintained. And that’s what making fans even more excited. There are so many questions, but no answers!

3) Music

Santhosh Narayan has created magic. If you don’t believe, listen to Kabali’s music album. You will know what we are talking about. Neruppu Da is one among the many that you just can’t get enough of. And even the other songs have won over everybody. After the movie, Kabali’s music is most discussed and applauded.

4) Dialogues

Kabali da! We are sure, after that teaser, the dialogue would have got the biggest whistles from everyone. It was like Rajini is back! Because when it comes to Rajinikanth, he brings dialogues to life. They are like life lessons. Hope many more dialogues apart from Kabali Da!

5) Rajinikanth in a powerful role once again

How many of you watched the first scene where he entered and says Kabali Da on loop? It’s the power, the aura and gangster feel Rajinikanth brings in that is making us hell excited for this movie. Not to mention his style and swag. Also the fact that this time, he is playing his age in some parts of the movie is making it even more interesting. We get to see him in a retro don avatar as well. So, Kabali will feature many shades of Rajinikanth, all in one movie.

Well, are you experiencing Kabali fever and exciting to watch the film?

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