5 Crores cheating case on Ram Gopal Varma

After hitting the headlines with series of controversial tweets, Ram Gopal Varma finally encountered tough time with the cases. He was recently involved in 5 Crores cheating case which was filed by Lotus Allied Mediamatics, a production house which helped RGV during the making of “Satya 2”.


As per the complaint, Ram Gopal Varma made a deal of around 5 Crores with this production house for finance related aspect and finally turned down the plate after the completion of the film. It seems that this production house got Rs.2.5 Crores in the form of a cheque and later on it didn’t get anything from the director.

It seems that RGV is not even responding to the phone calls and even if he responds, he is reportedly threatening them saying that he has good contacts with underworld dons. Finally cheating case has been registered on RGV and the case is on progress.

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