450 Amitabh Bachchans found in voter names!!

If you thought that Bollywood had not much impact on the lives of a common man, get ready to be shocked!! A recent report released today by the Election Commission website listed as many as 450 voters with the name Amitabh Bachchan!


The report had some interesting facts to reveal – the age group of almost all the names was between 20 and 30, which only shows that the current kids have been named after the Megastar when they were born.

If you thought that was it, then there is another interesting report about other names that popped up in the filter. The entire cast of the cult epic Sholay was listed in majority! There are 7040 voters with the name Gabbar Singh and 2 Surma Bhopalis. Thousands of Veerus, Jais and Basantis, of course not to be forgotten!

Moving from Sholay to Mr India – yes, there is a man named Mr India, a son of one Dharmbir Singh from Karnal, Haryana. Unfortunately for Amrish Puri fans, there were no Mogambos in the list.

There are other interesting filters stating that Bollywood is the heart of this democracy; 30 voters with ame Shah Rukh Khan, 160 voters with name Anthony Gonsalves and hold your breath – as many as 5000 people with the name ROBOT. Whoever said that Rajinikanth was not a superstar?

We can now conclude that our Nation is crazy about films, cricket and film stars. Wonder how many more names are to pop up in the coming days!!

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