30 Years Prudhvi in ‘Baahubali 2’

As per the latest reports, Tollywood comedian Prudhvi got a chance in most awaited epic film Baahubali 2. The shooting of the film is in process and it will hit the screens in 2017.

30 Years Prudhvi in Baahubali 2
30 Years Prudhvi in Baahubali 2

Generally, Filmmakers get frustrated when comedians spoof their films. However, Rajamouli appreciated ‘30 years Prudhvi’ for spoofing Baahubali and gave him a role in ‘Baahubali2’ it is heard.

‘30 years Prudhvi’has been in the industry for over two decades but he became a star only after spoofing Balayya’s ‘Legend’ act in ‘Soukhyam’. Pruthvi continued spoofing acts in a number of movies in the past one year and his ‘Baahubali spoof was seen in disaster film ‘Soukhyam’. As a result, Rajamouli appreciated him and offered a role in Baahubali 2.

Even though Baahubali was a worldwide hit, few raised concerns over the comedy quotient ; hence, Rajamouli must have decided to add few comedy sequences in part 2 of the epic film.Roping in Pruthvi is might turn into a masterstroke.

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