3 suspense love stories in Tollywood


Love stories are quite common among youngsters. If we remove celebrity tag to the film stars, majority of them come under youngsters’ category. Hence, love stories are quite common among celebrities. Media generally breaks the suspense revealing their love stories to the audience. But, in few cases, media was not able to look into the love stories. These cases are quite special as the heroines are big shots in South India.

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First in the list is the love story of Samantha. She revealed to the media that she is in love with a person who doesn’t belong to film industry. In spite of her hint, media was not able to capture the glimpse of her dream boy. Even though, there were rumors that Samantha is in love with Siddharth Narayanan, they were considered to be the best friends in the industry. Moreover, Samantha’s statement that her boy friend doesn’t belong to the industry too diverts the attention of audience from Siddharth.



Trisha Krishnan ruled the roost in Tollywood few years back. Now, she is getting less offers in the South Indian film industry. As per the reports, she is stated to be in relationship with a businessman. It seems that her family members too were seriously looking into it. This is all the information which is out to the media, but the exact person and the name is not yet revealed. This is another suspense love story in the industry.



The third one turns out to be the case of Anjali. This Telugu belle was struck in series of controversies and in between them, buzz raised in the media that this lady is in love with a guy. During the time of her absence during the controversies, it is stated that Anjali took the help of this person. If this turns out to be true, the exact person is not yet revealed to the media. This too is s suspense creating aspect in the industry.

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