3 Signatures of Pawan Kalyan

Fans and movie lovers dream to have a glimpse and at least autograph of power star Pawan Kalyan but rarely he obliges.

Pawan Kalyan 3 Signatures
Pawan Kalyan 3 Signatures

Here is a person who received autograph of the iconic star in three different languages. We are talking about Editor and Film Critic Ajay Brahmatmaj, who revealed yesterday that he got a special gift from Pawan Kalyan.

After promising to share the photograph of the gift with fans, he kept his promise and posted a picture of page on which Pawan Kalyan’s signature could be found in Hindi, English and Telugu languages with the message ‘With Love’.

No one knows why Pawan Kalyan responded to Ajay in such an affectionate manner but who cares? Fans are busy making copies of this photograph to keep for themselves. ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ is set for worldwide release on 8th April.

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