3 shades for Ravi Teja in “Power”!

Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja’s “Power” is now getting good response from the audience in the theatres. Till now, audience felt that Ravi Teja has just 2 shades in this flick. But, it is a fact that he has 3 shades in this venture. Even though he is donning just the roles of Police and the mass youngster, his Police role has 2 shades.


He looked as a powerful Police officer in one shade and as a corrupted cop in the other. In the first half, Ravi Teja comes up as a powerful Police and in the second half, the flashback episode shows the real corrupted shade of Ravi Teja.

Till now, the flick is stated to have good romantic, comedy and sentiment scenes. Ravi Teja looked powerful in cop character and the songs were well taken. Action episode too is on peaks and the audience are now feeling confused to decide on the “A” rating. “Whether it is violence or romance that fetch ‘A’ to this flick?” is yet to be conformed. Stay tuned to see “Power” review in few minutes.

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