3 Popular Tollywood Celebs Who Have Married Three Times!

Most of us do not get married more than once in our lifetime. But, there are certain exceptions where people marry not once, not twice but even three times before they settle down. And, this catches attention if the exceptions are popular like a celebrity.

Bollywood stars are known for the many times they get married. Even though not as common in Tollywood, here are three noted Telugu stars that have tied the knot for the third time and hopefully the last time. Have a look at Telugu actors with their third wives.

1. Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan with his third wife Anna Lezhneva
Pawan Kalyan with his third wife Anna Lezhneva

PawanKalyan first got married to Nandini in 2002, but divorced her only two years of the marriage. Later, he married model and actress Renu Desai in 2009 who acted as the female lead in his movies like Badri and Johnny. Despite having children with Renu, one boy and one girl, he divorced her and married Anna Lezhneva.

Rumors are he might be getting married to another woman in his life and we might just believe it!

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2. Senior Actor Naresh

Naresh with his third wife Ramya
Naresh with his third wife Ramya

Actor Naresh has won Nandi awards for his acting and achieved quite a lot of success in his career but the same cannot be said about his personal life. He has married three times and has three sons individually with each of his wives. His youngest son is with his present third wife and is only just a toddler. However, his older son has already launched himself into the film industry and is awaiting the release of the movie.

Time sure does fly with so many divorces.

3. Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan Shankar Raja with his third wife Zafrunnisa
Yuvan Shankar Raja with his third wife Zafrunnisa

The son of legendary music composer Illaiyaraja is Yuvan Shankar Raj. He might not have scored well in the film industry when it comes to his own music but he surely has scored 3/3 on this article for marrying three times.

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The music director first married to Sujaya Chandran in 2005 and divorced her in 2008. He later married Shilpa Mohan which obviously ended in divorce, otherwise Yuvan wouldn’t have made the cut to be in this list. Finally, in December 2014, he married another woman soon after he converted his religion to Islam. The man definitely does what he wants.

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It is a known fact that life provides various opportunities to meet new people for celebrities and not always do things work in a relationship. Celebrities might have good reasons to end their divorces in marriage or not, they never stop working for their careers-this is a valid point. Do you agree?

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