250 theatre loss to Oka Laila Kosam!

Oka Laila Kosam Loss

Hudhud Cyclone created huge loss to the “Oka Laila Kosam” team. It seems that around 250 theatres in Vizag, Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam got destroyed due to the Cyclone. These theatres were initially been allocated to “Oka Laila Kosam” and now as all these theatres got destroyed, the film distributors lost almost 1 Crore.

This is the trade report of the analyst and this loss is estimated to be for this weekend. In the total run, around 5 Crores is estimated to get lost due to this Cyclone. “Current Teega” team on the other hand, postponed their flick in the last minute to get complete collections.

They are not interested to lose even a bit as Sunny Leone is debuting Tollywood. This film unit is interested in getting the best benefits from Sunny Leone’s presence. But the fact is that these 250 theatres needs more time to get rebuilt and hence we can expect “Current Teega” team too to lose some part of collections.

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