24 Movie Review – Suriya’s Superior Flick!

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Doing experiments is biggest challenge as well as uncalculated risk. We can’t predict the result of an experimental movie due to which actors play safe. Suriya, who is one of the most handsome stars of South India always experiment with his movies. He is once again coming up with an experimental movie titled 24, directed by Vikram Kumar of Manam fame produced by Suriya himself under his 2D Entertainments which has Suriya playing three roles. Let’s see how it works on us!!


Surya and Samantha in 24 Movie
Surya and Samantha in 24 Movie

Sivakumar (Suriya) is a rich scientist, who is on his mission to create a time travel watch but his brother Athreya (another Suriya) is a deadly monster, whose aim is to control time and for that, he needs the device. What happens next is a series of incidents based on Chaos theory that puts Athreya to coma and Sethuraman loses his life along with his wife Priya (Nithya Menon) but somehow manages to save the time travel watch and his infant son Mani (Suriya again) as he was handed over to Sathya Bama (Saranya Ponvannan). 26 years gone, now Mani is a happy go lucky watch mechanic and when he gets the key for the watch case, he finds out the special power of the device, which also helps him to woo Sathya (Samantha). Meanwhile, Athreya wakes up from coma to get to know about his paraplegic condition and badly wants to travel back in time to get back his youth. Can Athreya travel back to the past? Can Mani alter all the gory things that happened to his mom and dad?

Cast and Performance

Suriya is outstanding in all the three characters Mani, a watch mechanic, Sivakumar, Scientist and Protagonist Athreya. His performance for the character Athreya is brilliant and award worthy. No one could have played it like Suriya. Nithya Menon is good in her brief role. She has given her voice for a lullaby and has done it with perfection. Samantha Ruth Prabhu is nice as Satyabhama. Saranya Ponvannan has given another noteworthy performance. Ajay is Superb. Satyan is good. Other actors has performed well.

Writing Department

Suriya and Nithya Menon in 24
Suriya and Nithya Menon in 24

Story line is very good. Screenplay is what it lets it down. Love track could be much better. Dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

A R Rahman has composed good tunes. But lyrics should have been selected more wisely to fit tunes. Background music is terrific and is apt for all the scenes. Magic of A R Rahman is felt from the beginning itself. Thiru has done fantastic. He is superb at all that can be done by him. Editing by Prawin Pudi is nice. But he could have easily chopped out some ten minutes of film. Action sequences and stunts are composed and shot well. Production values are super rich.


  • Suriya as Athreya
  • Interesting Plot
  • Cinematography by Thiru
  • Background Score
  • Simple explanations of complicated concepts


  • Slow Pace
  • Love track between Suriya and Samantha


Premise of 24, is introduced in a lab of scientist Sivakumar where he does experiment on time travel, naming it as Project 24 with a lullaby sung by Nithya Menon in the background. Pace of the movie is slow and it runs with linking the very tiny details to the flow of the story. For instance, where Mani knows about watch and it’s power, writer cum director Vikram Kumar has used proper sequences which are applauded by all. Love track between Suriya and Samantha has some dull moments and seems repetitive. Athreya’s cruelty is revealed to the core Very interesting interval bang elevate the dipped curiosity. Second half begins with Athreya. Screenplay is lagging and is slow paced. Family union scenes which comes in this half looks silly for its backstory. It picks it pace in pre-climax and climax proves the intelligence of director Vikram Kumar. To sum up, 24 is for Suriya’s brilliant performance with a sci-fi experimental content.

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