2014 Independence Day Specials

Few interesting aspects are expected to get revealed to the spectators on this Independence Day. Few were released and few were under expectations. Check this exclusive to know the aspects which were released as Independence Day specials and which were yet to be revealed to the media.


2014 Independence Day has few specialties in Tollywood. The first among these aspects is the short film from Allu Arjun. “I am That Change” which was directed by Sukumar came under the production banner of Allu Arjun. This short film impressed youngsters with a strong message. This short film is stated to be a good attempt by the Mega Family hero.

On the other hand, Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 150th flick is expected to hit the screens this year. As per the sources, Chiranjeevi may reveal his plan for this Independence Day or for Dussera. There are chances for this star to reveal his plan to the media by this evening. On the other hand, Nagarjuna and Akhil too may reveal their plans of upcoming films in the interviews they are going to give today.

Sikandar and Lovers came out on the screens as Independence Day specials. Rabhasa failed to hit the screens today and hence the popularity is being shared equally by those two ventures. Sikandar is stylish and mass venture while Lover is a cute and youthful lover story.

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RGV is expected to give few more aspects to the media on his upcoming film “KCR”. TRS leader KCR is expected to shoot back at this announcement soon in the media. Everyone in the social media sites are waiting for the interviews of RGV and KCR.

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It is common for the media to greet all the upcoming blockbuster film directors. In this pattern, Rajamouli, Prabhas or Rana are expected to reveal few aspects about “Bahubali”. Few interesting facts are yet to touch the media from “Aagadu” team too. On an average, some sort of clue is expected to hit the media today from these 2 film units.

“Aagadu” and “Oka Laila Kosam” film units released few promos on the occasion of Independence Day. “Aagadu” teaser has the special effects of the tri color. This teaser showed Mahesh in Police avatar and the power of Indian flag.

The flag hosting scene in the flick synced perfectly with the Independence Day. On the other hand, “Oka Laila Kosam” team celebrated Independence Day on the sets and they released that video as promotion to the film. Apart from this, they released making video of that venture.

These are the specials of 2014 Independence Day from Tollywood. Few aspects were already revealed and few were yet to hit the media. By this evening, few interesting updates may touch the media. Stay tuned to enjoy those news tomorrow.

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