2 States new song ‘Iski Uski’ trending virally

The new song from the upcoming film 2 States, Iski Uski, is soon trending virtually. The song is peppy, vibrant and very ‘Punjabi’. The video shows Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor dancing to the beats in bright clothes and colourful ambience. The song has been sung by Shahid Mallya and Akriti Kakar, and is a typical Punjabi Pop song soon to become a dance hit in Bollywood.


The story on Ananya (Alia Bhatt) and Krish (Arjun Kapoor), 2 States is a direct screen adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s celebrated novel with the same name. This would be the first time that Alia and Arjun will be paired on the silver screen with an interesting storyline. Alia plays a South Indian girl and Arjun, a North India boy. The story is all about how the two lovers convince the parents to accept with uncanny marital proposition from two different ethnicities.

The movie has already kick started promotions and the most interesting part is Alia and Arjun’s on screen chemistry slowly making way to look like a reality. The dating rumours are already afloat and the hot couple are adding boost to the same, with their obvious show of public display cozying up during the marketing of the movie. One wonders whether this is a film marketing gimmick, but however, the two are a candy to eyes.

Alia recently also posted a selfie with Arjun while on a telephonic interview with a scribe, adding fuel to the already existing fire!

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