2 Lakh Fine for Piracy of Nenu Sailaja

Of late, piracy has become the biggest problem for the filmmakers across the globe. The problem has now become a big headache for the makers of Ram’s hit film ‘Nenu Sailaja’ that was released on January 1st.

Nenu Sailaja Piracy
Nenu Sailaja Piracy

As this movie has been declared hit, the users who download pirated versions have become alarmingly high. Producer of the movie, Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, announced that his team is tracking the IP’s of the people using A sophisticated software and all the people who download the pirated version of the film will be imposed Rs 2 lakh fine legally.

The Producer also reminded how Hollywood studio, Warner Brothers, imposes a fine of 20$ on all the people who watch the pirated version of its films.

A Telugu film producer is going for serious legal measures on pirated viewers for the first time.

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