2 Countries Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie Name 2 Countries
Movie Rating 2/5
Movie Cast Sunil, Manisha Raj
Director N.Shankar
Music Director Gopi Sunder
Production Company Mahalakshmi Arts
Release Date December 29, 2017

Actor Sunil was in a great form and more popular as a comedian. He was always a first choice for roles which has high dosage of comedy with great punches and having emotional touch to it. Everyone know him as a great comedian. Despite doing as a hero in Andala Ramudu, he did comedy roles after that. But the stupendous success of Rajamouli directorial Maryada Ramanna might have given him much needed confidence to continue as hero leaving comedy roles behind. He scored some decent hits after that and lost his charm and his judgement on the stories is failing these days so as the result of the movie. He is now coming into theatres with 2 Countries directed and produced by N Shankar, which is a remake of Malayalam Star Dileep’s 2 Countries. Let’s see how it manages to entertain audience.


Two Countries Telugu Movie Review
Two Countries Telugu Movie Review

Ullas Kumar (Sunil) is a guy who lives on the money of others in his own place. He borrows money and hide from them when they come to collect. Laya (Manisha Raj) is a childhood friend of him. She lives in US and she returns to India. Both get introduced again and they both get married after series of incidents. After the marriage Laya goes to US and start avoiding Ullas Kumar. He goes to US to know the actual reason of her to do so and bring her back convincing her. When he reach US, he gets to know some bitter truths. Rest of the story is about those bitter truths and how he managed to change Laya into her wife again.

Cast and Performance

Sunil as Ullas Kumar is good. He tried to bring laughter in audience but failed. As a husband who is pained by some harsh truth, he is good in those emotional sequences. Manisha Raj as Laya is good. She as an alcohol addict managed to play her character well. Shayaji Shinde is good but in a briefSunil.Naresh and Raja Raveendra are fine. Prudhvi is humorous so as Srinivasa Reddy. Jabardasth comedians did a fine job and all other actors are okay.

Writing Department

Sunil 2 Countries
Sunil 2 Countries

Story of 2 Countries is routine and the screenplay is badly written which fails to engage audience and dialogues are just okay.

Technical Departments

Two Countries movie songs , which are composed by Gopi Sunder and he managed to give two good songs in the album. He did fine job in scoring background score.

Cinematography by C Ram Prasad is good and he shot some good visuals. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is okay as he could have chopped out few sequences out of the movie. Production values are rich.


C Ram Prasad’s Visuals


Routine story
Lame comedy


2 Countries is a movie about a useless guy who becomes a responsible husband to cure her alcohol addiction. She always misunderstand everything he is done to her and he never gives up with that and try to change her. Director N Shankar, who is also the producer of this movie failed in making this movie an entertaining ride. The first and foremost reason for his failure is bad writing which fails to engage audience or make audience laugh. Having someone who can make audience laugh so easily, N Shankar failed to bank on that aspect of Sunil. Sunil, who is fading, should have okayed a better script with better director to score a decent hit. His desperation to score a hit resulted in this movie and it backfired. Director has failed to get good writing which in turn spoiled actors performance and which in turn made the whole work of team look silly. To sum up, 2 Countries is another failure to Sunil.

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