18 Minute Video of Vijay’s ‘Puli’ leaked

In a shocking move to makers of Tamil star hero Vijay’s upcoming movie ‘Puli’, an 18 minute video narrating the story of the film has been leaked on internet. Movie buffs have been guessing the story of Puli ever since the trailer was released.

Vijay Puli Movie Video Leaked
Vijay Puli Movie Video Leaked

Going by the tale narrated in the video, Vijay’s girlfriend, Nandita Swetha, is killed by some unknown miscreants. Due to this, Vijay decides to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff but he miraculously lands in a strange palace, which is ruled by a queen, played by Sridevi. As Vijay’s popularity grows in that empire, the commander, played by Sudeep, schemes to get rid of Vijay by falsely accusing him. Finding it hard to believe, queen uses her magical power to read into Vijay’s past and she realizes that Vijay is none other than her son, who was lost when he was a kid.

But makers have condemned this story as false and just manufactured by miscreants.

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