18-20 Love Story

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First thing first, both the heroines Shradda Das and Rinil Routh just don’t suit telugu scripts or fit into the regular telugu heroine roles. Despite them being dressed in half sarees or traditional costumes, one can find out easily that they just don’t gel. Coming to the film, 18, 20 love story is the blossoming of love between an eighteen year old girl and a 20 year old boy. Rinil a debutante here plays a rich man Vinod Kumar’s daughter who falls flat for Chinna’s son after her exams are over.

Roopini or Rinil, her mother embark on a journey in a car and on the way a mishap takes place, diverting their stay at a street side hotel. Chinna and his family play host and during the overnight stay, the youngsters fall in love. Vinod Kumar wants his daughter to marry someone who is equal in status and finding his daughter become stubborn he orders the killing of the youth who becomes an obstacle to his plans.

There is a parallel story too. Sivaji is a rustic rowdy who is constantly stabbing people and his mother Pragati is compensating his son’s crime by buying peace with the victims doling out money handsomely. She is making an effort to turn her son into a Samaritan. Sivaji who is carrying out orders for Vinod Kumar on the insistence of his mother becomes a guardian for Chinna’s son. He gives up violence and also in the process falls for the social worker Shradda Das.

Though Sivaji becomes a changed man, a circumstance doesn’t allow him, a struggle followers and Vinod Kumar turns into a cripple. Finally all’s well that ends well. It’s strange when the mother speaks colloquial telugu, Sivaji breaks into telangana, may be to justify his companionship with the rowdies. The film is sub standard, has nothing much to boast of. The young hero and the suitor who play Rinil’s love interest all first timers are not hero material at all. The film maker didn’t even make an effort to pick at least a TV artiste to make the characters look credible. Jhansi plays a cook and breaks into a telangana dialect. Vinod Kumar’s work is artificial, on one instance during the last scenes he is seen flinging the chair and reprimanding her, there is no emotion whatsoever. Everything about the film is pathetic and the love story is not worth a dekko.

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