14 Reels Entertainment to give strong complaint on Srinu Vaitla?

14 Reels Banner Producers Complaint on Srinu Vaitla

14 Reels Entertainment made the flicks “Dookudu”, “Aagadu” and “Namo Venkatesha” with Srinu Vaitla as director. “Aagadu” turned out to be a disaster and few distributors and producers mentioned that they lost lots of money in this process.

Srinu Vaitla mentioned that the budget of this flick is not too high and he too received 9 Crores remuneration instead of 12 Crores, which was mentioned in the media by other members of the film unit. On this, 14 Reels Entertainment is stated to be on fire.

It seems that 14 Reels Entertainment is aiming to complain against Srinu Vaitla for giving fake statements. Few producers from this production house reportedly mentioned that they have all the proofs to show the budget and remuneration details. They may further go to producers council to file a complaint on Srinu Vaitla. Looks like, situations are not in favor of Srinu Vaitla after “Aagadu”.

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