$11 million dog

An American heiress has left 11 million dollars for her pet, a tiny chihuahua, in her will. Gail Posner’s dog Conchita already wears a 10,000-pound diamond necklace and is chauffeured around in a Cadillac, reports the Sun

And now the pampered pooch has inherited a 5.6-million-pound seven-bedroom waterfront mansion and a 2-million-pound trust fund.

Posner, who suffered from cancer and bipolar disorder, also left 17.5 million pounds to seven personal aides, including bodyguards and housekeepers, who can live rent-free in her home in Miami, Florida, US, while caring for Conchita and two other dogs.

But her only child Bret Carr, who has just got 676,000 pounds, is offended with the will. He is insisting that his mother should have left everything to him.

Carr even claims that his 67-year-old mum was drugged and ‘brainwashed’ into splashing cash on the dog. Dogs at Britain’s poshest kennels will have their own flat-screen TVs and designer bedrooms in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.


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