108 songs in Suraj’s new movie!

National award winner and the current pride of Mollywood, actor/comedian Suraj Venjaramoodu, is on an all time career high these days with new projects and lead role opportunities popping up everywhere, and he seems to be making curious choices with projects like the ill fated Garbhasreeman and now Moolippaattu – a movie with a 108 songs in it!


Yes, you heard that right! The flick will have 108 separate songs, but no – not all original ones but rather remixes or adaptations of golden oldies, newly composed by music director/singer GK Harishmani.

Harishmani, though a little known artist to mainstream cinema audiences, has been working in the industry for some time now, having composed tunes for over six films in multiple languages and also having lent his voice to songs in over a 100 albums.

This unique musical movie might just be the up and coming musician’s ticket to the really big leagues – provided the movie’s other aspects do compliment the music ‘overload’ and give the fans something to remember and not just something to get over.

Let’s face it though, a hundred songs and more does seem a bit of an overkill for a normal length feature film, but hey who can say what happens in show business – maybe the movie will surprise us all, and let’s hope so.

With A R Rahman composing over 20 songs in Kaaviya Thalaivan, does this mean the era of the larger than life musical extravaganzas are making its way back in to popular culture?

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