1000 Abaddalu Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

Teja, after trying out some intense genres now goes easy and makes ‘1000 Abaddaalu’, a comedy.This is his second attempt on this genre after ‘Family Circus’. ‘Family Circus’ had many characters and a lot of hullaballoo with some comedy sequences with a mark of its own. ‘1000 abaddaalu’ follows a similar path.

This is the story of Satya (Sairam Shankar) who tries to woo Satya (Ester Noronha) who is already engaged. Satya (Sairam) sketches plans one after the other to attain his love and succeeds in getting her, but at the cost of umpteen lies. The consequences of those lies form the other part of the story. The story is narrated in a metro train by Sairam to the fellow passengers.

The movie is primarily a comedy, and gets it right in many places, but doesn’t work in some sequences.  The loose screenplay makes the enjoyment inconsistent, where some well-executed comedy scenes are followed by the poorly written ones.  To make it worse, the songs act as an extra burden on the viewer.  There are definitely some hilarious scenes enacted by a talented cast, which are the saving grace. There are lot of characters in the movie, and out of all, Nagababu stands out with a commendable performance.  He is named ‘Tower Star’ and evokes enough laughter. This is a role which Nagababu will definitely cherish and the audience will remember his funny antics.  The friends of Satya, were funny too generating some good humour.  The co-passengers in the metro train were annoying though.

Sairam Shankar has come a long way from the ‘143’ days. He gives a controlled and a decent performance. Ester as the leading lady was just OK.  Hema plays her mother, who is shrewd, and has a key role. Some scenes can remind us of Krishna Vamshi’s Mogudu. Naresh, who plays the husband, has a weakly written role, and his dubbing has also been done by another person, which is a drawback.  Gowtham Raju gets a very unusual role. 

Music by Ramana Gogula, was way below the mark, and they were not well picturized too.  Some dialogues are well-written, and some were unintentionally funny.

Overall, Teja gives a relatively well-made product compared to all his previous flicks. However, it has its own share of drawbacks.  One can give it a try.

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