100% Love Review

It is
Another Sukumar film that lacks wholesome writing while trying constantly to seem diFFerent.

The protagonist has a very obvious characterisation as in the previous films from the maker. He does this, likes this, does this and hence that. Balu (Naga Chaitanya) had always been a habitual topper and academically over ambitious. Maha Lakshmi (Tammana) is a cousin of his who comes to the city upon the request of Balu’s father. Lakshmi’s character too is too obvious to let you think. She likes chicken, not studious and a girl basically. And when Balu helps Lakshmi in one of the exams, she tops the tests and a ego clash breaks off. A series of sequences which are original only coz they are so amateurishly desperate take their toll .

When do the cousins have their big fight? How did the grandparent separation help patch up things now? And why are star kids better off doing something other than films?

What’s a little entertaining?
The first 15 minutes (precisely, only 15) did have a lustre gone Sukumar look where at least the scenarios were polished (funny) if not the other departments.

What’s boring?
Sukumar did throw a shot at a little realism in cinema with ‘Jagadam’ which hadn’t helped his box office green. With that he had gone back to a semi-artificial freak show with Aarya 2 and now its full on plastic. Nothing in the film seemed REAL; the characters, sets, songs and most importantly the actors; it was a cast and crew which obviously had no clue about the intense level of artificial output they were producing.

Devi Sri Prasad had been a major contributor to Sukumar’s successes and even he’s failed the film this time. One song – the Adnan Sami one, that was good if you can mute the lyrics.

I remember the initial posters revealing Naga Chaitanya’s costumes for the film and only a sci-fi film with new sort of aliens involved would have made these costumes look apt. Its either Sukumar’s sense of trying to explore and failing at that or a total disinterest in the project at hand. And with clothes he or anybody had never worn before it is hard to bring in any sort of performance, even otherwise I wouldn’t expect much from Chaitanya anyways.

Tammana competes and fails to defeat Chaitanya in the race to the ‘Who can’t act’ mountain peak. He was there from the beginning right.

I thought it was a waste of time. If you have time enough to do everything you ever wanted to and still have a few hours left, you can watch it then probably.

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