10 Top Scary and Horror movies of Bollywood

Horror Movies in Bollywood

It is true that Horror as a genre is still untapped and in the nascent stage here in India. While we constantly turn to West for our dose of spine-chilling horror movies, here in India too, some of the popular films fare quite well on the spooky content. In 70s to 90s, Ramsay Brothers ruled the cult horror films segment when people were more intrigued to watch comedy and romantic films. But come 2000s, many directors started tapping horror genre and some successfully delivered films in that genre.

If being spooked is what you are looking forward to and you have the guts and hearts to watch Horror films all by yourself, then here we bring to you list of Top 10 Horror movies of Bollywood has churned out till date.

1.Mahal (1949):

Mahal Movie Poster

Said to the first Indian film to tap the concept of reincarnation, the Kamal Amrohi directorial debut proved life changing for actress Madhubala and playback singer Lata Mangeshkar. Ashok Kumar was the protagonist of the film and the film worked exceptionally well at the Box-Office. The film was a supernatural suspense thriller and was a really successful venture.

2.Raat (1992):

Raat Movie Poster

This is deemed to be a cult classic in Horror genre in India. Raat, starring Revathi as Manisha Sharma alias Mini, the protagonist of the film, was a supernatural thriller which spread widely through word-of-mouth then. It garnered positive responses and was Ram Gopal Vermas maiden stride at Horror films.

3.Bhoot (2003):

Bhoot 2003 Movie Poster

A brilliant film from the house of RGV, Bhoot which released in 2003, was that film which got Urmila Matondkar a strings of Bollywood Awards and nominations. Even Ram Gopal Verma, bagged the Best Director Award. The films story revolved around a couple, who buy a flat at a throwaway price in a good locale. Little did they know that the house was haunted and things would turn ugly for them! While Bhoot was a Box-Office success, its sequel in 2012 as Bhoot Returns was a dud.

4.Raaz (2002):

Raaz Movie Poster

It was an uncredited adaptation of Hollywood Film “What Lies Beneath”, Raaz brought Vikram Bhatt to the genre of horror and what followed was a series of films in the same genre. Bipasha Basu, post Raaz rose to fame and is now titled, the Horror Queen of tinselville. Bipasha and Dino Morea starrer film, was spooky and something that had the scare quotient high. The film ultimately became a Franchise and the Bhatts took the legacy forward.

5.Darna Mana Hai (2003):

Darna Mana Hai Poster

Amidst a pool of horror films, released this anthology of short horror tales, compiled into one. Darna Mana Hai, took spook to new heights. The film had a huge star cast and was a unique concept. Seven friends were stuck in the middle of the forest and in order to keep each other intrigued and entertained, they all started sharing spooky and supernatural stories at bonfire. The end will surely interest you!

6.Naina (2005):

Naina Movie Poster

Official remake of Singaporean film The Eye, Naina, scored really high on the critics’ meter. Urmila’s performance was appreciated and applauded for. The film faced controversy upon release as it revolved around the protagonist getting corneal-transplant, post which she started seeing ghosts and images. The film was also screened at several Film Festivals around the globe.

7.1920 (2008):

1920 Movie Poster

Again a Vikram Bhatt film, 1920 was a film that had its share of scare quotient. The story set in ancient times and in the year 1920, and revolves around strange happenings in the manor. A couple moves in, and falls victim to the evil forces. It has eerie quotient and it does catch up on the sudden elements.

8.Phoonk (2008):

Phoonk Movie Poster

A blockbustering hit, Phoonk by Ram Gopal Verma, had a plot that revolved around black magic and superstition. It was more of a sleeper hit and was a low budget film. The film was deemed to be a fascinating story which had its share of weird events. The film did receive mixed reviews but is sworn by many to be a good film.

9.Haunted 3D (2011):

Haunted 3D Film Poster

This Vikram Bhatt film garnered the highest opening then for a movie in the horror genre. It was a film that was highly applauded for its 3D effects and the way it was filmed. It did have sudden elements and the scenes were scary though, but the film received mixed reviews too. It did become a surprise hit and grossed well at the Box Office.

10.Ragini MMS (2011):

Ragini MMS 2 Movie Poster

Inspired Hollywood Horror Franchise Paranormal Activity, Balaji’s Ragini MMS was not only good on the erotic content, but was also deemed spooky. The films plot centers around a video footage how things get ugly and scary. The film was a hit but faced mixed reviews. But all reviews pointed it to be a good mix of sex and horror. The second film Ragini MMS 2 had Sunny Leone in it and was a major commercial success because of her. The film though wasn’t that scary.

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