10 Bollywood lookalikes of Hollywood

A renowned concept in the old Bollywood films was one of the twins getting separated in the mela, and finally they meet again when they grow up. We bring you a list of ten such cases, where the separated twin after getting lost in the mela had accidentally stepped into a flight to Los Angeles.

1. Preity Zinta –  Drew Barrymore

That bubbly face and the glowing smile just got two-fold. The pretty woman Preity Zinta is an almost perfect look-alike of the Hollywood actress-screenwriter-director Drew Barrymore. Instead of putting the awful hairdo to Preity Zinta in the climax of Jaan-e-Mann, they should have roped in Drew Barrymore as the blonde Preity.


2. Shahid Kapoor – Zach Braff

If Kaminey is remade in Hollywood with the Scrubs star Zach Braff, they would simply give a ring to Shahid Kapoor to play the twin to avoid the CG work. The young looks and the chocolate boy glances make them look so similar.


3. Karishma Kapoor – Lauren Googder

Meet Lauren Goodger, who is subtly similar to our Lolo.  Lauren is Goodger, a television actress cum model and Lolo was once one of the biggest heroines of Bollywood.


4. Dev Anand – Gregory Peck

The evergreen legend of Hindi cinema, Dev Anand also has a judwaa in the other continent. Gregory Peck, was also a popular actor almost in the same era of Dev Anand.  More surprisingly, they were known for making being part of similar kind of films.
dev anand


5. Pooja Batra – Debra Messing

The Virasat girl has a close look-alike in America.  Debra Messing’s striking resemblance to Pooja Batra cannot go unnoticed.


6. Tushar Kapoor – Philip Rhys

The Indian looks of Philip Rhys make him a reflection of Tushar Kapoor in a slightly faulty mirror.  An interesting observation is one is dependent on his sister’s production house and the other is quite popular in independent film circuits.


7. Hrishitaa Bhatt – Alyssa Milano

Aakhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra” girl Hrishitaa Bhatt seems to have a cousin in Hollywood with a very similar nose and face-cut. The tall beauty looks almost identical to Alyssa Milano, an American actress-producer.
hrishitaa bhatt


8. Aamir Khan – Tom Hanks

A young Tom Hanks picture when kept aside Aamir Khan, it looks like brothers in a picture kept in parents’ bedroom.  These two not only have looks in common, but a great set of acting skills too. Robert Downey Jr. in an interview also referred Aamir as the Tom Hanks of India.


9. Kareena Kapoor – Paris Hilton

Apart from the striking similar looks, they have a lot other things in common. From the legacy of coming from rich families to great tastes in fashion, they both are so much alike.  Like the song ‘Bebo Main Bebo’, if Hilton had known Hindi she would have sung ‘Hilton Main Hilton’. Self-obsessed separated twin sisters!


10. Hrithik Roshan – Bradley Cooper

Look at the face-cut. Look at their eyes. Look at their charm. Whoa! The almighty has indeed created two Greek Gods, and put one each on either sides of the earth.  With a great resemblance in looks, this is the most interesting look-alike of Bollywood!
hrithik bradley

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