10 Bollywood Actress without makeup!

We all love the Bollywood actress and their beauty is to die for and unexampled. They are gorgeous and glamorous on screen and with make-up on, but are these Bollywood Divas naturally beautiful too? We wonder!

We at Chitramala went Google hunting and post that we bring to you some Bollywood actress who make us go weak in the knees with their makeup on. But when they step out of their places without an inch of makeup, we were barely able to recognize them.

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1.Rani Mukerji:


She is the Queen of hearts, and has looked breathtaking on screen hundreds of times. But after seeing Rani in this picture, we were seriously shocked and wondered is this the same Rani?

2.Priyanka Chopra:


Well! After seeing this picture of Priyanka Chopra we seriously putting our brains to work as to how magical makeup is!

3.Bipasha Basu:


The quintessential Bengali beauty is downright sexy and beautiful with her makeup on, but without an inch of foundation, Bipasha is barely recognizable.

4.Kareena Kapoor now Khan:


She boldly steps out of her home without a centimetre of makeup and has a natural glow to her. But at times, Kareena has taken us aback by her without makeup avatar. Example?

5.Sonakshi Sinha:


The Dabangg babe has been vowed to be naturally beautiful, but that can’t be true always. She is a human too and like any other girl suffers from Bad Day Phenomenon. And on one such day the shutterbugs spotted Sona!



This is a very old picture of Kajol, but doesn’t fail to zap us! Now she looks very beautiful but there were days when Kajol looked like this too!

7.Deepika Padukone:


Miss Leggy Lass is quite a looker when she has her makeup on, but when the paparazzi spotted her on one of her not-so-good-looking days, Dips looked something like this!

8.Katrina Kaif:


Even Indian Barbie can look all tired and worn out! Don’t believe us? Look at the picture below, and you will know what are we talking about!

9.Sonam Kapoor:


She is the Fashionista on the block and looking glamorous and fashionable is her job! But on her unfashionable days, Sonam looks like this:

10.Aishwarya Rai now Bachchan:


One of the most beautiful in the world, Aishwarya Rai now Bachchan, has had her not so good looking days too. This picture is very old and well, this was an ultimate shocker, when it came to actresses without makeup.

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They are elegant and very classy but with makeup! Without the truckload of foundation, creams, compact, eye liners, lip-glosses these Bollywood divas are no different than the normal girls you might encounter on road!

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