1 Nenokkadine Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

In the movie, Mahesh Babu is seen having the index and middle fingers slightly rubbing his forehead reflecting his pensive thoughts about how the audience would receive a big-ticket psychological thriller on the Tollywood’s silver screen.  It’s indeed a tough task even to speculate that given the formula films that are popular in T-town.

This is the story of rockstar Gautam (Mahesh Babu) who is haunted by a dark past.  He is immersed in an illusion that his parents were murdered when he was a child.  He ends up creating an imaginary revenge drama, but it’s found that he has a psychological disorder and hence the unusual behavior. How Gautam struggles between the truth and lies, facts and fiction, and how he discovers the real past is the rest of the story.

A pretty complex plot to deal with, indeed. But wait! We have Sukumar, handling this. This Maths lecturer’s ‘1 Nenokkadine’ is like a difficult Differential Equation problem solved in an interesting way that even a 5th grader who has just started learning algebra would learn it.  In simple words, brilliant execution.  Sukumar sincerely sticks to the plot carrying the underlying emotion carefully.  Of course, there is this always an eccentricity in the male-leads he designs. But, this one is really special, as it has so much do with psychology than playfulness.  The pre-interval scene is a sheer example of the brilliance of the taskmaster.

Mahesh Babu is probably the only big star who can completely mould himself into the protagonist’s personality.  He gives a very controlled and adequate performance as Gautam. His reactions in certain sequences sparkle.  Kriti Sanon is also a great choice, as her screen presence is confident. Kelly Dorji, Nasser and Pradeep Rawat didn’t deliver anything extraordinary though.

The stumbling block for the movie however is its length.  The movie seems to take forever, in both the halves, in turn sucking all the energy inside the viewer.  The lengthy and lavish chases only weakened the movie’s flow.  Also, the usually good combo of DSP-Sukumar gave a mediocre music track, which is also another drawback.

All in all, ‘1-Nenokkadine’ ‘1 నేనొక్కడినే’ is a great execution of this interesting genre. The movie might appeal to the viewers seeking quality in variety and food for thought, but not to those who are comfortable watching the clichéd entertainment.

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