NBK’s Legend Movie Title Song Leaked!

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s upcoming film titled “Legend” shooting is currently under progress.Recently the movie stills of NBK used Bike in the film have been out and now the title song of the film has been leaked.Devisri Prasad has composed the music for this film and he also sung the title song of the film, here is the lyric of the title song “He is a Legend….”.


Suryudu, Chandrudu, Ramudu, Bheemudu, Krishnudu, Vishnuvu Kalisadante Veedu.
Daagadu, Aagadu,Venakadugu Veyyadu evediki ayina Veede Veede thodu…
Akasame Godugallepadathadu, Edhemaine Needai Nilabathadu…
Janamandhariki Nenunnantuuuu….Konda, Kona,Enda, Vaana Dhaate Osthadu
He is Legend, He is Legend, He is Legend

Boyapati Srinu is the director for this film.

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