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Kumari 21F Review: A coming-of-age film

The kind of love stories Tollywood has been manufacturing since ages hardly went beyond the Mars- versus-Venus wars or stalkers love tales. Given the history of Tollywood’s love stories, path-breaking is the word for Kumari 21 F. It is written by Sukumar who is known for creating unique characters for his leads especially when it comes to the way the lead ‘loves’. This time that unusual lover is in the form of the female protagonist of the movie- Kumari , played by Hebbah Patel.

In all the love stories that Sukumar dealt, the hero’s antics entertained us. They were distinct but there were no layers. Kumari has layers which are beautifully unveiled slowly and timely.

Kiss Scene in Kumari 21f
Kiss Scene in Kumari 21f

This is a love story set in a middle-class colony with looks of an aged railway quarters. Siddhu (Raj Tarun) lives with his mother, and aspires to be a chef in Singapore. He hangs around with three friends played by Noel Sean, Sudharshan and Naveen Neni. Kumari is a new entrant in the colony and falls in love with Siddhu at first sight and proposes to him. Kumari is a model, hangs out with guys, has vodka shots with no inhibitions and gives Siddhu his first kiss when in their 3rd meet. Siddhu is confused with Kumari’s behavior. On the other side, his friends influence him with their opinions and inferences. What is Kumari all about and to what level does Siddhu understands forms the crux of the story.

The movie doesn’t start off promisingly. In fact the first hour, as the movie proceeds, it would be perceived as Jagadam’s heroine’s sleaziness expanded in full-length. Only during the pre-interval the movie takes a big leap and just keeps rising till the end. The last 45 minutes is nothing less than extra-ordinary. Sukumar has greatly crafted the story and unimaginably underlines a great message for the current youngsters. The movie is aptly bold, but that would restrict the audiences to ages 15-35. The sleaziness in the beginning could be seen as the only drawback of the film.

Kumari 21f Poster
Kumari 21f Poster

Performances were perfect. The casting seemed so correct. Noel, Sudarshan and Naveen scored some extra brownie points than the lead pair itself. They were not the usual side-kicks. Raj Tarun has definitely improved from the Uyyala Jumpala days and Hebbah should be lucky for getting such a character. DSP’s tracks were good and in-place too. Ratnavelu’s work was adept too.

Some scenes really stand out in the film and especially the scene where Siddhu washes the saree of Kumari is work of a master. Greatly thought scene that was.

The director Surya Pratap translated the script to the screen very well and the movie is so aptly placed.

Kumari 21 F is definitely a coming-of-age film which demonstrates, explains and clarifies a very common question when a boy is confused about a girl and the question is “Love Cheyyaala Vaddha?”

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